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Debit Card

This type of card is directly linked to savings or current account & cardholder can use the card as long as he/she has account balance. Present scheduled banks have different branded debit card like VISA, MasterCard, Q cash & Proprietorship card.

Common Features & Benefits

  • Cash withdrawal facilities from recommended ATM
  • Balance Inquiry facilities from recommended ATM
  • Mini statement facilities from recommended ATM
  • Purchase through recommended merchant’s POS
  • Getting different discounts for purchase
  • 24 hours call center facilities for any services
  • SMS alert for transaction
  • Per day withdrawal limit from ATM BDT 30,000 to BDT 100,000
  • At a time withdrawal limit BDT 20,000

(All features & benefits may differ from bank to bank & product to product)

Different types of Debit Card Products

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