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Lease Finance is a contract between the owner and the user of assets for a certain time period during which the second party uses an asset in exchange of making periodic rental payments to the first party without purchasing it. Under lease financing, the lessee regularly pays the fixed lease rent over a period of time at the beginning or at the end of a month, 3 months, 6 months or a year. At the end of the lease contract the asset reverts to the real owner.

Basic Information

Purpose of Loan Target Customer
Acquisition/Purchase of Capital machineries for industrial undertakings; Industrial equipment; Office equipment; Medical equipment; Commercial transport; Construction equipment including Generators, etc. Manufacturing and service-oriented business entities having need for equipment/vehicles supported by repayment capacity.

Required Documents

  • Valid Trade License
  • Latest 12 months bank statement
  • National ID of business owners
  • Utility bill of business
  • TIN certificate
  • Photograph of the owners
  • Registered partnership deed (for partnership firm)
  • Memorandum & Article of Incorporation, Form X and XII (for limited company)
  • Certificate of Incorporation (for limited company)
  • Board/Partnership resolution (for partnership/limited company)
  • All facility related offer letters
  • Other documents as per bank requirement & business nature

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