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    If you want to apply for or get information regarding mention Loan products offered by banks operates in Bangladesh can apply here. will provide your submitted information to any suitable bank representative to contact with you. Please fill in following required fields & mark on check box which are applicable for you.


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    [select* "18" "19" "20" "21" "22" "23" "24" "25" "26" "27" "28" "29" "30" "31" "32" "33" "34" "35" "36" "37" "38" "39" "40" "41" "42" "43" "44" "45" "46" "47" "48" "49" "50" "51" "52" "53" "54" "55" "56" "57" "58" "59" "60" "61" "62" "63" "64" "65""Above 65" "Below 18"]


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    Nationality: BangladeshiAge : 21 to 60Employment Status : PermanentMinimum Monthly Income:BDT 20,000 (for Service Holder/ Professional);BDT 30,000 (for Business man /Land lord or lady)Minimum Employment Duration:1 year at present organization (for Service Holder/ Professional);2 years at running Business (for businessman)

    Required Documents

    NIDE-TINUtility Bill’s CopyBank Statement (minimum 6 months)Passport Size PhotographSalary Certificate/Letter of Introduction (For Service Holder)Trade License/MOA ( For Businessman)Copy of house ownership (for land lord/lady)Certificate of Incorporation (for Limited Company)

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    Retail Loan

    Personal LoanCar Loan/Auto LoanHome LoanAny Purpose LoanConsumer Goods Purchase Loan Professional's LoanDoctor's LoanEducation LoanSalary LoanFestival LoanHealth LoanMarriage LoanSenior Citizen Support LoanOverseas Employment LoanGreen Energy LoanTravel LoanCNG Conversion LoanOverdraft Secured LoanInstallment based Secured LoanOther retail loan Products (specify)

    SME Loan

    Agriculture LoanAny Purpose Business LoanBusiness expansion / purchase of fixed assets LoanBusiness LoanBusiness Loan for ImportBusiness Loan for LeatherProject LoanWomen Business LoanWorking Capital LoanBusiness Loan for TechnologyBusiness Loan for TransportConstruction and supply business LoanGreen LoanSeasonal LoanNGO LoanStartup LoanOther SME loan products (specify


    Information I provided here is correct and I permit to provide my submitted information to any bank representative to contact with me

    Note :

    Eligibility & some required documents may differ from bank to bank

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