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Personal Loan introduced in different banks is to meet the personal financial need.


Basic Information

Target Customer Loan Limit Tenor Interest Rate
Self Employed
Business person
Salaried Executives
For salaried & professionals 10 to 12 times of Gross Monthly Income.
For Businessmen 8 to 10 times of Gross Monthly Income.
(may differ from bank to bank)
12 to 60 months
(may differ from bank to bank)
Maximum 9% Yearly
(may differ from bank to bank & time to time)



Age Limit Minimum Monthly Income Employment Duration
Min 21 years, Max 60 years
(may differ from bank to bank)
For Salaried Tk. 20,000
professionals Tk. 30,000
(may differ from bank to bank)
Salaried: Min 1 year of working experience & min 6 months of continuous employment with present employer.
Professionals: Minimum 1 year of total practice in the profession.
Businessman: Minimum 2 year of involvement in business.
(may differ from bank to bank)


List of some banks which have Personal Loan product

Bank Name Product Name
AB Bank Ltd. Personal Loan
Bangladesh Development Bank Ltd. Personal Loan Scheme
Bank Asia Ltd. Unsecured Personal Loan
BRAC Bank Ltd. Personal Loan
Commercial Bank of Ceylon PLC. Personal Loan
Dhaka Bank Ltd. Personal Loan
Eastern Bank Ltd. EBL Jibandhara Loan
Eastern Bank Ltd. EBL Parseloan
HSBC Personal Loan
Jamuna Bank Ltd. Personal Loan
Meghna Bank Ltd. Meghna Personal Loan
Midland Bank Ltd. MDB Personal Loan
Modhumoti Bank Limited Personal Loan
Mutual Trust Bank Ltd. MTB Personal Loan
NCC Bank Ltd. NCC Bank Personal Loan
Standard Chartered Bank Personal Loan
The Premier Bank Ltd. Personal Loan
Trust Bank Ltd. Personal Loan
Uttara Bank Ltd. Personal Loan


Required Documents

  • National identity/passport/driver license/nationality/ward commissioner’s certificate with photo attachment
  • Clear studio Photograph and business card
  • Bank statement for last 6 months
  • Copy of TIN related document
  • Letter of Introduction (LOI) for salaried executives or salary slip
  • Trade license/MOA for businessmen
  • Copy of house ownership and rent agreement for landlord and land lady
  • Other document as per loan category
  • Other documents as per bank requirement

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