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Savings Account is a deposit account where any eligible Bangladeshi aged minimum 18 years can open this account (below 18 years also can open this account where account can be operated by legal guardian) in any scheduled bank in Bangladesh with minimum deposit amount. Bank will provide some specific interest against deposit amount. Account holders can withdraw & deposit money as per Transaction Profile (TP) declaration. It can be opened by any individual/sole proprietor/Partnership firm/Joint stock company (private or public)/Club/Association/School/College/Local bodies/Statutory bodies/Autonomous bodies or any other legal entities with individual name or two or more joint names. Bank may impose some annual fee/maintenance charges on account as account services.




  • Account Name: Account name would be account holder’s individual name or joint name of two/more individuals or business name or club/society name.
  • Transaction Amount: Account holder can deposit & withdraw money as per transaction profile (TP) declaration. Withdrawal amount depends on Accounts balance.
  • Transaction Mode: Cash, Cheque, Debit Card, Online, Electronic fund transfer or other mode offered by bank.
  • Account operational Authority: Account can be operated individually (for single name account) or jointly or anyone can operate (for joint name account) depending on the assigned authority. Account holder can also provide mandate to any legal Bangladeshi to operate account.
  • Interest: Bank provides competitive interest for this account.

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