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Special Notice Deposit (SND) Account

SND account is another type of savings account and account holder needs prior notice to bank before 7 to 30 days to withdraw money from his/her account. Interest rate of this account is relatively higher than that of other savings account. Normally this account is suitable for individual or other entity who needs to withdraw money after specific period of time. Almost all scheduled banks operated in Bangladesh have SND account products.

  • Account Name: Account name would be account holder’s individual name or joint name of two/more individual or business name.
  • Transaction: Prior notification of 7 to 30 days is required in case of withdrawal but there is no restriction of deposit.
  • Transaction Amount: Account holder can deposit & withdraw any amount of money as per transaction profile (TP). Withdrawal amount depends on Accounts balance.
  • Transaction Mode: Cash, Cheque, Online, Transfer, etc.
  • Account operational Authority: Account can be operated individually, jointly or by any one of the accountholders.
  • Interest: Normally interest rate is higher than the Savings Account.

Required Documents

  • Recent Photograph of applicant
  • Proof of identification such as national ID/voter’s ID/passport/driving license/commissioner or union Porishod certificate
  • Nominee form and photograph of nominee(s) (signature attested by the account holder). In case of minor nominee, copy of the birth certificate is required
  • Completed Account opening form
  • Completed Transaction Profile
  • Introducer who maintains an A/C with this bank for at least 6 months
  • Other documents (if bank required)

Additional documents for Sole Proprietorship

  • Declaration of proprietorship
  • Trade license
  • TIN & VAT Certificate (if any)

Additional documents for Partnership firm

  • Photocopy of partnership deed
  • Trade license
  • TIN & VAT certificate
  • Photocopy of registration certificate duly attested by Notary Public in case of registered firm
  • Letter of partnership duly signed by all the partners
  • Resolution signed by all the partners

Additional documents for Joint Stock Company

  • Attested copy of Certificate of Incorporation
  • List of directors
  • Attested copy of Memorandum & Articles of Association, board resolution
  • Attested copy of certificate of business (For Public Ltd. Co.)
  • Attested copies of all directors / signatories latest copy of certified
  • Recent photograph of directors
  • National ID Card (NID)

Additional documents for Club/Society/Association/Trust

  • Photocopy of registration certificate certified by Chairman/Secretary
  • Copy of constitution/By-laws of the Club/Society/Association duly certified by chairman/secretary. Certified copy should also be verified with the original by concerned bank officials under seal and signature
  • Resolution of the managing committee/executive Committee authorizing opening the A/C with the Bank naming the persons who will operate the A/C

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